Saturday, 14 November 2009


Hi there

I'm an English mum who has been living in the Netherlands for 2 years.  I will be publishing here regular posts on my experiences of living in the Netherlands with 2 young children.  There is all sort of information you find useful as a mum when you move to the Netherlands which would have made my life much easier if I'd had access to it when I arrived. I'm planning to lay it all out here to help other new arrivals in NL.

I will also be recording events and experiences which hopefully give a feel for life with kids in the Netherlands.  Since much of my time is spent with my son and daughter, both of whom are under 5, the experiences I have are those of parents with young children - its not a student or career professional's perception! However it is lots of fun and gives a unique insight to living in a different country (issues like how to cope with the lack of CBeebies and where to find a toddler friendly play area!)

More on all of that later.  Hope you enjoy my postings and that there's something in them that helps other expat mums!

English mum abroad

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